28 November 2016
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Bordeaux: best 2017 city!

28 November 2016, Comments: 0

We ae so proud: in october, Lonely Planet has released the winners of  the 2017 best cities. And, the winner is… the beautiful BORDEAUX city […]

7 October 2016
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Bergerac wines

7 October 2016, Comments: 0

So close to Bordeaux right bank, Bergerac wine region is really small compared to Bordeaux. Small, but with a huge variety of amazing wines, […]

24 May 2016
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We love spring wine tours!

24 May 2016, Comments: 0

We love spring: the first wine tours and wine tastings of the year, sun, beautiful flowers, and the rebirth of the vine! It is […]

13 May 2016
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Et si on se faisait un pique-nique chez le vigneron?

13 May 2016, Comments: 0

Je suis sûre que vous ne savez pas quoi faire pour votre week-end de la Pentecôte? Nous, on a trouvé pour vous: un pique-nique […]

2 May 2016
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Your next holidays in french vineyards?

2 May 2016, Comments: 0

You don’t know yet where to go for your summer holidays or for your next romantic week-end? Have a look to this video made […]